Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aero's Advice: Flyer Etiquette

Matt here, with another Aero's Advice column. Many people here are asking about promoting our cause with flyer campaigns. Doing so is fine, but remember to ALWAYS ask for permission from the owner of any establishment before posting any flyers at all there. Also limit your posting to locations that are appropriate and likely to draw a significant gamer crowd. Inappropriate locations have the potential of drawing negative attention, especially when local media may become involved. Furthermore, keep in mind that spamming occurs in real life as well as on the Internet, and each location will only need one or a few flyers, not hundreds of them attached to a single wall. Lastly, be very careful when posting fliers, as the last thing we need is for any of our members to be charged with vandalism.

Remember to be polite and courteous to anyone you talk to. I'm sure that businesses, especially game stores, will be completely supportive as long as we show them respect, but if they refuse to let you hang flyers, then don't push the matter. Simply thank them for their time, leave, and try another location.

So far we have not received any complaints, but I figured that I should clear up this matter just in case something happened. Good luck out there!