Monday, March 26, 2012

Roll's Wrap-Up 3/25/2012: Spring Ahead

Hey everyone! David here with the Wrap-Up this time! We really hit a growth spurt over the last month and congratulations everyone, we're almost 77% of the way to 100,000! What a month it's been! Thank you Mega Man Network for the congratulations on 75%! We have a LOT of new people here from this anime page. I suggest all the new members get yourselves up to date by checking out our Wrap-Up Archive at our blogspot! You can also check out some of our campaigns to participate in. And if you haven't already joined the Devroom and become a Servbot then get to it! What are you waiting for? BioWare to make this game? You DO know what we're fighting for, right? No? Wrong answer. SHOW 'EM, JAKE!

Hello everyone, this is Jake Hans, and like many of you, I have been here since day one. For all the newcomers this month, welcome. To fill you in, Mega Man Legends 3 was in development for most of 2011. Capcom actively solicited and accepted fan input on Approximately 4,000 people took part in the western Devroom. One of Capcom's events actually asked the members of the Devroom to come up with ways to promote the project, but no strong direction emerged. Prospects looked bright as Capcom was planning to release a Prototype to gauge the market for the ten-year-old title. Why not let the product prove itself on the market instead of gauging interest by the number of Legends fans that follow gaming news online?

In the end, the game was cancelled, and the fans took it upon themselves to expand the fanbase visually. Of course there have been bumps along the way, but overall we have been very successful. This month in particular has been very strong.

So many are wondering, what happens when we hit 100,000 likes on Facebook? Currently, only we control what happens outside of Capcom. There is a plan in place to release interesting material that will make a Capcom response on whether the Prototype will ever be released highly probable. Right now,there is a push to get Capcom to comment on whether they will respond to us at 100,000.


In the meantime, current revival efforts are focused on a variety of areas to increase the visibility of the fanbase.

Reika Morishita has responded to all the comments she has recieved from the GetMeOffTheMoon community in English. Source:Reika Morishita's Official Blog

"Thank you so much for all of your e-mail and comments every day!I am very surprised and pleased to know that my song is loved by so many people.I'd like to breathe new life into my songs before I release them, so please wait for a while.It 'll turn out wonderful.Let's blow the wind together!!"

"Another Sun" "Your Wind is Bllowing"

Signed: Reika Morishita

We have engaged in a lot of productive meetings with her in Japan. She is a well connected individual, and is proving to be a big help outside of her re-arrangement project as well. If you would like to help her, please click here.


The first campaign that kicked the movement off was a push to get numbers in the original Devroom, which is still open. The more Servbots exist, the better the fanbase looks. While the game was in development, Capcom made an outright effort to push for 10,000 fans by the end of March 2011. Legends fans reached the goal one month early. While there is no magic number that will bring the game back, please consider following these instructions to bolster our numbers.


Finally, our biggest focus is the community. By 'community,' we mean you. Please be aware that no permission slip is needed to help the Mega Man Legends 3 revival effort. I, Jake Hans, was not personally involved with the creation of GetMeOffTheMoon. I networked with as many Legends fans during our initial explosion of likes, and many of us are now close friends. If you want to make a difference, get to know the people around you, create your own projects together, and make sure you are having fun. That is truly what this has been about. Together we fight! Legends Never DIE! Now, I leave you with my good friend David.

Thanks, Jake. For those of you not in the know, Jake Hans is the former leader of our International Strategies Team. He laid the groundwork to get our international projects started and so much more. But he also put together all star awesome international team that we couldn't have gotten so far without. We're doing great so far, keep it up!

We can't be happier with how the weapons contest is going, too! We're wowed with all of the submissions that we've gotten! Keep up the great work! Plus, the Devroom is less than 800 members away from overtaking the Lost Planet group on capcom-unity!

Remember to check our blogspot if you need a refresher on anything, like campaigns and Wrap-Ups. Don't forget to follow our twitter, too! And as always, if anyone has any campaign ideas or suggestions, or is thinking of representing us at a convention or anything like that, send us an email at We can't have gotten this far without all of you! This is what we're fighting for! Legends never die!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Roll's Wrap-Up 3/15/12: Mid-March Madness

Hello everyone, this is Jake Hans from International Strategies with a ton of updates, so I will get right to them. But first, please consider joining our NeoDevroom Get a Weapon! Contest. Remember that if you want to participate, you need a Servbot number! The winner will receive a custom Mega Man Trigger model with the winning weapon design. Make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

Our first story deals with the creator of Mega Man Legends himself, Keiji Inafune!

Keiji Inafune has again stated his desire to develop new Mega Man games in collaboration with Capcom in the future.

Source: Gamespot

"GameSpot: What do you think of the way Capcom has handled Mega Man lately?

Keiji Inafune: [Laughs] I have to be careful with the Capcom questions. I probably feel the same way as all the Mega Man fans. All I can say is I hope to see the new Mega Man because I've left a lot of people with my DNA [at Capcom]. But if they can't, I'm always open if Capcom asks us to be the developer. We'd take it."

Ms. Morishita has written a response to all the encouraging comments in regards to her "Your Wind Is Blowing" and "Another Sun" re-arrangement project.

Source: Reika Morishita's Official Blog

Everyone! Thank you a lot for all the comments!

Even though there are many different opinions, they were all very helpful.

The comments praise the original songs, and want to make them even better.

Please do write more comments.

Your comments will give me strength.

Really, everyone has collectively given me feelings of power. I'm happy.

ありがとう。  何度言ってもいい足りないくらい、、、、。
Thank you. I can not say that enough times.

Thank you for telling me that the song is so loved.

And, thanks to DASH.

I never want to turn this power off!

As more people become united, we wil blow the wind further.

Let's blow the wind together! !

The Mega Man Legends Worldwide Comic Con Campaign will make its next stop at VRGE (Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo) in Vancouver, British Columbia lead by Ryan King.This custom Zakobon Guitar Hero guitar (pictured above) will be auctioned off at the event with the proceeds going to Child's Play charity.

See Ryan in action with his custom Zakobon guitar!

Ryan's Statement: "Hey Legends fans! Ryan here. This Saturday, March 17th, I'm running a 100K booth at the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo in Vancouver BC! I'll be raffling off this set of Legends themed bead sprites as well as two Servbot bead sprite necklaces. I'll also be handing out 41 Servbot masks. Like the booth at NYCC, I'll also have a TV set up playing Legends, a signature sheet, and supplies for drawing fanart. And the best part? Capcom Vancouver is gonna have a booth there! I'll try to film and take pictures while I'm there, so stay tuned!"

Here are the 41 Servbot Masks Pictured:

Here are the bead sprites that will be raffled off at the event:

Here are the two Servbot bead sprite neckaces:

If you will be attending VRGE and would like to assist Ryan, please feel free to comment below. Together we fight, for Mega Man Legends 3!

The Mega Man Legends 5 Isle adventure project has been on hiatus for some time. New episodes are on the way, so please be patient! Let's keep up this momentum! Legends Never Die!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Roll's Wrapup 3/8/2012: Keiji Inafune at GDC 2012

Greetings once again, everyone. Matt DePaul here (yes, I'm a different person from Matt Papa) with some additional updates. Be sure to read yesterday's Wrap-Up to learn about our NeoDevroom contest, in which you get to participate. Get your weapons ready, because this contest is our way to reinvigorate the Devroom, which is where Legends 3 was to be made in the first place. Keep in mind as well that you will need to become a Servbot to participate.

For this Wrap-up, however, our good friend Jake Hans has some additional news for us:


Hello everyone, this is Jake Hans from International Strategies. In this time of rebuilding, I come with two interesting bits of news to report. First, Keiji Inafune hosted a presentation at the Game Developer's Conference in San Franscisco, California. Thanks to Game Watch Impress's full transcript of Inafune's speech, we are able to provide a complete translation for the part where he mentions Mega Man Legends.

Source: Game Watch Impress

甘やかされた日本。人間は1度楽をすると、2度と苦労したくありません。昔、こんなことがありました。カプコン時代、プロデューサーに成り立ての頃、15 年以上前の話です。「Mega Man Legends」の制作に関わりました。「Mega Man」のプレステの作品、3Dで作る新しいものです。内容も自信ありましたし、私自身とても気に入ってる作品です。しかし、プロデューサーとしては道は 険しかったです。「Mega Man」自体、たくさんのものを出してきて、あまり売れなくなっていました。だから、その作品に対する期待はそれほど高くありませんでした。だから、 「Mega Man」の新しい作品を出すと発表しても、それほどプレスやゲームファンも期待してくれなかった。インタビュー依頼もあまりありませんでした。だから地道 にプロデューサーとしてがんばって作品を売っていこうとしました。世の中は甘くなくて、販売実績的には悲惨なものでした。いまでこそ「Mega Man」ファンの間では語り継がれる存在になりましたが、当時はそうではありませんでした。稲船のゲーム人生の中では、最大の失敗であり、最大の宝であり ます。

"Today, Japan is too self-indulgent. Once something comes easily for a developer in this industry, that developer doesn't even want to risk having setbacks again. I, too, have felt like that before, back when I was at Capcom, just after I began my career as a producer. This was more than 15 years ago. I got to participate in the production of "Mega Man Legends", which at the time was a new 3D Mega Man series for the Sony PlayStation. However, working as producer was quite tough. Although the Mega Man franchise itself had released lots of titles by that point, sales were in a decline. Because of that, the fans and Sony weren't expecting a new Mega Man series. Hardly anybody even asked us for an interview, so I thought I'd have to work hard to sell this as a producer. However, it wasn't that easy and the game's sales turned out miserably. Now lots of Mega Man fans are talking about Legends, but it wasn't like that at that time. This experience is both my biggest failure and biggest treasure in my video game career."

The second bit of news is a revelation (credit: Protodude) that the Mega Man Legends Prototype was submitted to and approved for distribution on the market by CERO, a public Japanese rating organization. This suggests the decision to cancel the Prototype was made with a major formal requirement completed.


Remember, if you have any ideas for new campaigns, new NewDevroom events, or new pieces of news that we should cover, feel free to email Also, don't forget to sign our new Petition for the Prototype over at

Let's keep working to save our hero. Legends Never Die!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Roll's Wrap-Up 3/7/12: The Next Act Begins

Greetings all, Matt here. We have certainly come a very long way since this Facebook page first got started. We gained the attention of the gaming media, attended New York Comic Con, discovered that someone really did play the Legends 3 Prototype, and witnessed the introduction of Bad Box Art Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken. Truly, much has occurred, and spirits have risen and fallen over the course of events.

With all said, however, it certainly has been a very long time since our last Wrap-Up, which is due to two factors. The first is the lack of news to report in general over the past two months or so. The second is that much behind the scenes planning has occurred--which is something for which we do apologize. Normally we like to be as transparent as possible, but we have a very big announcement, and finally YOU get the chance to get involved.

Participation was the point of the Devroom. It was central to the Mega Man Legends 3 Project to begin with, after all. Therefore, if you haven't become a Servbot yet, do so right now, or else you won't be able to take part in our brand new campaign, which I now present to you without further ado:

Get a Weapon! The Mega Man Legends Weapon Contest.

The scenario

Looks like roll is up to her old tricks. In order to help pay for that rocket she has sold all of Mega Man’s weapons including the shining laser! In this event, you will be tasked with creating some new weapons for Mega Man Volnutt. Your weapons can be improvements on the old weapons or something completely new. All artistic mediums (including text) are accepted.

Short rules

Participants must be citizens of the United States, Canada (excluding Québec), or the United Kingdom and 18 years of age or older.
Entries will be judged on the three following criteria:

1. Gratification of weapon use (how awesome your weapon sounds to use)

2. Uniqueness of weapon

3. Usefulness of weapon

All submissions must be posted in the submissions thread. Submissions that aren’t posted in the thread will not be considered.

The contest runs for a period of three weeks, beginning on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 and ending on Thursday, 29th, 2012.

Participants are limited to three (3) entries.

Participants are allow to revised their entries once before the cutoff date of March 29th.

Participants' entries can be of any medium they choose such as drawings, writings, 3-D models, etc.

First place wins one of Score’s Mega Man Voulnutt figures with your weapon design as a custom weapon attachment (an $80 value). Each figure is hand made and has 34 points of articulation.

The second place wins a Mega Man Tribute Art Book (a $40 value).

Third place wins a set of 4 Mega Man Legends bead sprites (a $12 value).

Check out the full contest rules here.

Submit your ideas in this thread.

Discuss your ideas in this thread.

Contest judges will be announced soon.

That's right, GetMeOffTheMoon is hosting its own creative event in the DevRoom, and it's finally time for you to take part, get creative, submit your ideas, and offer feedback to others. What weapon will you design? It's your chance to decide what Mega Man Volnutt will wear on his arm, what he will use to defeat Reaverbots. Perhaps, when we finally convince Capcom to revive the project, your idea will appear in the game. You never know!

We wanted the contest to be international, but we had to limit is to the US, UK, and Canada due to difference in contest law among nations. We apologize. If you would like to participate but you live outside these regions, you can have someone from one of these three nations enter on your behalf, but make sure that you trust whoever that person is.

Now that our biggest news is out of the way, we have a few other matters to attend to. A few days ago, Jake Hans announced that Reika Morishita will work on an official re-arrangement release of her Mega Man Legends songs. If you have any support to give, please comment on the note. All comments will be translated into Japanese and sent to her as feedback.

Recently, several grassroots movements have gained a ton of ground and made some differences that can hardly be overlooked. Several members of this very Facebook page, for instance, took part in protests against SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. A website called has hosted many successful petitions. Here is one example, quoted from an email that the site sent me:
"McDonald's finally responded to the 100,000 people (and groups like the Humane Society of the United States) who told the fast food giant to stop sourcing pork from factory farms using inhumane 'gestation crates,' (cages so small that pigs can’t move or turn around). McDonald's told all of its suppliers yesterday to start phasing out the cages -- an earthquake for the food industry."
Consider the size of McDonald's as a corporation. Now consider the number of people who convinced them to use less cruel sources for pork production. Does that number sound familiar? Reviving a video game project may not sound as important as this animal rights issue, but consider the power that 100,000 people have.

With that said, I have created a petition on devoted to the release of the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version. Now, some of you may see this as redundant with the Facebook page Likes and the Capcom-Unity Petition, which is actually within Capcom's own website, but does have its advantages. First of all, the means by which it keeps track of signers is quite streamlined, making the number clear to anyone. Second of all it gives us another avenue to puruse in addition to Facebook and Capcom-Unity, and Capcom WILL notice it--every time somebody signs, an email will be sent to the company's public email address ( If others have had success through, perhaps we will as well.

Next, many of you have been asking about the ongoing translation of the Japan-only cell phone game Mega Man Legends: Great Adventure on 5 Island, which has been on hiatus for a few months. Rest assured, however, that the project is not dead. Its leadership changed hands and the ongoing work needed to be coordinated. The next episode will be posted soon.

Overclocked ReMix (OC ReMix) recently announced that they will soon release a Mega Man X themed album entitled Mega Man X: Maverick Rising. Remember, fan works most certainly count as support for Mega Man, so be sure to check out OC ReMix's work.

Lastly, You may or may not have noticed a new tab on the side of the page that says "Welcome." If you click on it now, you'll find our welcome page, which is nearly complete and will soon become the default landing page for all visitors. It contains important links and introduction of our purpose to new members. If you're worried about whether you'll see the wall, though, don't be. You can easily reach it with just one click. (Keep in mind though that at the end of the month Facebook will require all pages, including this one to follow their new Timeline format. David and I are still working out how we will manage that.) And don't forget to email us with any campaign ideas at!

That's all for now, everyone. Now start working on those weapons! Legends Never Die!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Aero's Advice: Respect is Key

Initially, when this page was founded, its creator laid down a very specific ground rule:

"Please keep the material on this page tasteful, however. Just because we're protesting Capcom's actions, that doesn't mean that we have to be jerks about it."

It seems, though, that many of you have either forgotten this little statement or just simply haven't bothered to take it to heart. It exists for a reason. If we act like a bunch of whiny jerks who can't be pleased by anything, then the gaming media will see us that way. The behavior of all too many people on this fan page as of late has been absolutely unacceptable. There are a few things that you have to remember if you really want be a part of this fan movement:

1. Your opinion is not fact. Everyone is allowed to express their own opinions, regardless of whether or not it agrees with yours. Disagreeing with an opinion doesn't make someone a troll, nor does saying that the fan movement isn't going anywhere or isn't going to succeed. Even when people are trolling, don't get riled up over it. Remember this post about trolling from a while back?

2. It's Capcom, NOT Crapcom. Constantly insulting Capcom will get us nowhere, and, in fact, will actually set us back. Our New York Comic Con team didn't get the attention of Capcom USA representatives by insulting them. They were courteous and the only protests they were engaged in were peaceful. Yes Capcom may have wronged us, but they also hold the key to making things right. The real way to get through to them is to show our support, and trying to bring them down with insults does nothing but make us look bad and hurt our efforts.

3. People are allowed to like Capcom products. Boycotting Capcom was never a requirement for liking this page. Of course, you are allowed to boycott and encourage others to do so, but some people are excited for Resident Evil Revelations, Street Fighter X Tekken, or Asura's Wrath. The members of this fan page come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of tastes. Remember this post about communicating with members of other fanbases? On that note, insulting members of non-Capcom fanbases is not appreciated either. Some of you have it in your mind that Sonic the Hedgehog fans are all insane. I am a Sonic fan, and I pride myself on not being insane.

4. Homophobia is not cool. For some reason, many of you consistently use the word "gay" as synonymous with "bad" or insist on insulting Capcom or people you don't like by calling them "faggots." Cut it out. I may be straight, but on behalf of the many homosexuals who support our cause, stop calling anything you don't like gay.

5. Language. Seriously, this should go without saying. If you don't like something, say "I don't like it." You don't need to drop an F-bomb every other sentence.

6. Respect the Roll's Wrap-up. The admins provide posts like Roll's Wrap-up to provide you with news of goings-on in the community. If we put something in a wrap-up, then we generally have a good reason to do so. Some of the negative reactions to recent reports give the impression that some people believe that the admins are trying to scam them. In fact, nobody is paying us to do anything. Some of us have even spent a significant amount of money on this page. We have lives and jobs as well, just like most of you do. If you don't hear from us for a while, and/or things are not moving quickly enough, chances are that we're busy, but we always want to keep you as up to date as we can. Just please be reasonable and respectful.

All things considered, very few people have been banned from this page. However, if you consistently can't get your act together and insist on insulting your fellow fans, you will be banned. Enough is enough. We will never succeed if we can't work together.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roll's Wrap-Up 1/24/12: The Importance of The Protomen Movie and the Capcom Unity Devroom

Good day 100k, Matt Papa reporting!

You may be asking yourself why I decided to bundle to these two themes together in this wrap-up. Both of these have been talked about before, sure, but there's a very important point that I want to make perfectly crystal clear.


Let me assure you, Capcom is very aware of the Protomen movie, and they are watching its progress more closely than ever. Now, I ask you, good folk of 100,000 Strong, how does it make us as Mega Man fans look when only $173 has been donated to this incredible project? Not good, that's how. These guys are going all in on making this incredible Mega Man based film, and if they are not getting financial support from us, the fans, think of how that makes us Mega Man fans look in Capcom's eyes.

If there is one thing we do not want Capcom to doubt, it is our devotion to Mega Man

Not only will this film be incredibly AWESOME for Mega Man fans, but the guys creating the film are going OUT OF THEIR WAY to plug and support 100,000 Strong, both online and in the movie itself! Is that really something we, as a collective group want to half-ass our effort on? I think not. Let me reiterate that fact that even donating a single dollar, an amount that anyone reading this very note can spare, DOES in fact make a difference. Whether you are a fan of the Protomen or not, a fan of Classic Mega Man or not, this film will do amazing for ALL Mega Man fans and 100,000 Strong.

The Protomen Movie Donation Page

I encourage you all to donate at least a dollar to the cause. Make our presence both as the 100,000 Strong and as your own individual self known.

Now, in regards to the Devroom, there is a rather alarming discrepancy between the amount of people who have liked this page and those who have signed up for the Devroom. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, so I'm not going to try to guess why Capcom still has the Devroom page up after the game has be cancelled. Fortunately for us, it is still there, and we need to show them that we haven't forgotten about it, and make it a place that they will NEVER want to get rid of.

This is Capcom's very own website, and it NEEDS to be more active and have more members

They have direct access to everything there, and we need to be showing them on a daily basis that we are not going anywhere and that we mean business. In addition to our efforts here, the Devroom absolutely needs to receive consistent attention and activity from this amazing fanbase. I know we post reminders about becoming a Servbot and joining the Devroom. We do it for a good reason. Until the numbers are starting to match up between 100,000 Strong and the Devroom, we will continue to do so.

Servbots! To action! Go join that Devroom!

Legends NEVER Die!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up 9/1-6: One More DASH for Us All

Part 1 by Jake Hans:

Salutations on behalf of International Strategies! This is Jake Hans with good news on the international front. Last night, I.S. Team Japan succeeded in convincing the administrator of One_More_Dash that teaming up with the worldwide fight on our “GetMeOffTheMoon” facebook page was in the best interest of Legends/DASH 3. He subsequently tweeted a link to our facebook page and I.S. Video. While this is excellent news, it is not the end game of Team Japan. UG Matumura, a professional web designer in Japan, is working on an overhaul of for free. As a refresher, has detailed instructions to help our friends from Japan join the fight on Facebook and Capcom Unity. Once this overhaul is complete, One_More_Dash will advertise the site on Twitter. On top of this, I.S. has recruited CAP Kobun, a well known Rockman fan in Japan, for assistance. He is also waiting for the completion of the website overhaul which should take 3-7 days. Check the rough sketch of the new Facebook counter below.

In addition to our efforts in Japan, I.S. has been hard at work on many other projects.

Bumper Stickers and Pins: These materials will be available soon and distributed FOR FREE! (donations accepted)

Rob Man I.S. Support Video: The follow up to the I.S. message to Japan Video is in the works.

Suzukaze’s Street Fighter Parody Video: The plan is to have Teisel vs. Trigger in a video similar to, which is a very popular form of humor in Japan.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. International Strategies sees much potential yet to be realized in our movement. The workload may be heavy, but together I am confident that we will be able to harness it. Team Japan members feel we are just one lucky break away from an explosion of Japanese support.

To good luck moving forward!

Part 2 by Matt:

We recently noticed a significant problem with the previous Wrap-Up. The instructions for sending our email to the second Japanese site (the one in Step 3) and Capcom's site (in Step 4) did not say which button to click in order to confirm sending your letter. Please check the images that we have added in order to make sure that you actually sent the letter.

As Jake stated, Japan is getting ready to formally join us. However, the fact that One_More_DASH has pledged support for us doesn't mean that we can rest here in North America. We still need more Servbots! Some people have experienced some trouble lately with regard to problems with their Servbot numbers, such as them disappearing for no reason. We have no explanation for these varied issues at this time, so I would suggest checking Capcom-Unity to make sure that you still have your number. We also still have the International Servbot Collaboration, which ends in a few days. And, as I mentioned above, be sure to read last week's wrap-up for our Grand Master Plan.

In Capcom related news, some strange videos were posted today, but currently nobody has any idea what they mean. We shouldn't really speculate anything about it. Otherwise, the company did announce new Mega Man merchandise and the release of Rockman 4 on PSN. These announcements don't indicate much about the status of our movement, but at least they show that Capcom does still care about Mega Man to some degree.

With regard to what people have been saying both on our page's wall and Capcom's be sure to read our two most recent Aero's Advice segments: Cross Genre Fanbase Communications and Don't Feed the Trolls.

Before I go, here's a picture of one our International Strategies members, Ryan, campaigning at PAX:

Now that takes determination. Legends never die!