Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roll's Wrap-Up 1/24/12: The Importance of The Protomen Movie and the Capcom Unity Devroom

Good day 100k, Matt Papa reporting!

You may be asking yourself why I decided to bundle to these two themes together in this wrap-up. Both of these have been talked about before, sure, but there's a very important point that I want to make perfectly crystal clear.


Let me assure you, Capcom is very aware of the Protomen movie, and they are watching its progress more closely than ever. Now, I ask you, good folk of 100,000 Strong, how does it make us as Mega Man fans look when only $173 has been donated to this incredible project? Not good, that's how. These guys are going all in on making this incredible Mega Man based film, and if they are not getting financial support from us, the fans, think of how that makes us Mega Man fans look in Capcom's eyes.

If there is one thing we do not want Capcom to doubt, it is our devotion to Mega Man

Not only will this film be incredibly AWESOME for Mega Man fans, but the guys creating the film are going OUT OF THEIR WAY to plug and support 100,000 Strong, both online and in the movie itself! Is that really something we, as a collective group want to half-ass our effort on? I think not. Let me reiterate that fact that even donating a single dollar, an amount that anyone reading this very note can spare, DOES in fact make a difference. Whether you are a fan of the Protomen or not, a fan of Classic Mega Man or not, this film will do amazing for ALL Mega Man fans and 100,000 Strong.

The Protomen Movie Donation Page

I encourage you all to donate at least a dollar to the cause. Make our presence both as the 100,000 Strong and as your own individual self known.

Now, in regards to the Devroom, there is a rather alarming discrepancy between the amount of people who have liked this page and those who have signed up for the Devroom. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, so I'm not going to try to guess why Capcom still has the Devroom page up after the game has be cancelled. Fortunately for us, it is still there, and we need to show them that we haven't forgotten about it, and make it a place that they will NEVER want to get rid of.

This is Capcom's very own website, and it NEEDS to be more active and have more members

They have direct access to everything there, and we need to be showing them on a daily basis that we are not going anywhere and that we mean business. In addition to our efforts here, the Devroom absolutely needs to receive consistent attention and activity from this amazing fanbase. I know we post reminders about becoming a Servbot and joining the Devroom. We do it for a good reason. Until the numbers are starting to match up between 100,000 Strong and the Devroom, we will continue to do so.

Servbots! To action! Go join that Devroom!

Legends NEVER Die!