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"Capcom looked at the Number of members registered in the MML3 devroom as the official number of units they could anticipate to sell if they green-lighted the title for Full Development. The game was never authorized for full time Development because the numbers in North America were less than 4500. Which with development costs it was deemed Financially Unacceptable to release the title.

HOWEVER, The Dev Team convinced them to Leave the North American Development room on Capcom-Unity open in an effort to try and generate enough members to change their minds. Also inside the Dev Room is the Official Petition to Release the Prototype of the game and Continue Development of the game on a FULL SCALE.

Come on show them that you care and want them to make MML3. Become a Serve Bot! DON'T JUST CLICK LIKE ON FACEBOOK!

1) Click this Link

2) Click Register

3) Click Facebook

4) Fill out birth date

5) Click Accept

6) Click the Green Plus Mark that will add you to the Devroom

7) Then the Box above it "Become a Servbot"

The numbers here Were why It was originally canceled.

After you join the Devroom as a Servbot you are then permitted to Sign the ONLY Capcom recognized Petition for Megaman Legends 3 here"

Legends Never Die

"Welcome aboard, friends, to the Legends Never Die campaign, a massive, joint operation between Rockman Corner, Legends-Station, and The Mega Man Network. Our goal is simple, albeit powerful. Together, as a community, we will keep Capcom aware of how much we want MML3 and ensure it remains in the spotlight. Let it be made clear, we are not afraid about the game being cancelled, no; we are simply closing off any route that might lead to that outcome. As Devroom members, our responsibilities go far beyond thinking of ideas and responding to the Devteam. We are marketing, we are PR, we are consumers, and most of all, we are fans.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to snail-mail Capcom. Using pre-designed postcard templates, we are tasking you to mail Capcom your demands to see Mega Man Legends 3 completed. The postcards are your vehicle to Capcom's offices. They will get to the hands of many higher-ups, so you've got to make your message clear and powerful. Personalize it. Pour your heart and soul into it. You've waited a little over a decade for this thing thing; show Capcom just how much you want Legends 3 to happen!"

Target Date for Delivery: Monday, August 8th-Wednesday August 10th.

Pacific Time Zone: Send August 5-6
Mountain Time Zone: Send August 4-5
Central Time Zone: Send August 3-4
Eastern Time Zone: Send August 2-3
International shipping: Send July 25-26, or just ASAP. Campaign

"Here’s another way for you to show your support for Mega Man Legends 3/Rockman DASH 3 that I expect you all to jump on. is a prominent Japanese site that allows people to request a given desired product. While I’m not familiar with the specifics, I do know that Capcom of Japan does pay attention to this site, and has released other products based on fan requests here. even has a special section for Rockman manga.

A Japanese fan has wrote to us and provided this guide for how you can register an account on and send in your support. This registration process is pretty straightforward, and once you confirm your account you are in. Note that the drop down list for location does not have an option for outside Japan, so just select any one. It’s a touch deceitful but there’s no way around it. Once you have an account (you will get mail confirmation), be sure you’re at this page when you make your request. You will have to write a message with your request; if you must use English I recommend something short, simple and positive. Once you’ve made your mark, get others on board as well."


Those that watch Futurama need no explanation to what this campaign entails.  All you have to do is take a picture of yourself or your friends with the money the game costs (40 USD or equivalent, depending on region). Be creative! Make a note, cosplay, or make a video, it doesn't matter as long as its creative and attention-grabbing. There is no set deadline for this, but make it count!

Get a Weapon! The Mega Man Legends Weapon Contest

This is our first Neo Devroom Event! There are some awesome prizes to win in this contest, so if you haven't already joined the Devroom and become a Servbot, do it now! Here's a quick rundown.

The Scenario:

Looks like roll is up to her old tricks. In order to help pay for that rocket she has sold all of Mega Man’s weapons including the shining laser! In this event, you will be tasked with creating some new weapons for Mega Man Volnutt. Your weapons can be improvements on the old weapons or something completely new. All artistic mediums (including text) are accepted.

Short Rules:

Participants must be citizens of the United States, Canada (excluding Qu├ębec), or the United Kingdom and 18 years of age or older.
Entries will be judged on the three following criteria:

1. Gratification of weapon use (how awesome your weapon sounds to use)

2. Uniqueness of weapon

3. Usefulness of weapon

All submissions must be posted in the submissions thread. Submissions that aren’t posted in the thread will not be considered.

The contest runs for a period of three weeks, beginning on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 and ending on Thursday, 29th, 2012.

Participants are limited to three (3) entries.

Participants are allow to revised their entries once before the cutoff date of March 29th.

Participants' entries can be of any medium they choose such as drawings, writings, 3-D models, etc.

First place wins one of Score’s Mega Man Voulnutt figures with your weapon design as a custom weapon attachment (an $80 value). Each figure is hand made and has 34 points of articulation.

The second place wins a Mega Man Tribute Art Book (a $40 value).

Third place wins a set of 4 Mega Man Legends bead sprites (a $12 value).

Check out the full contest rules here.

Submit your ideas in this thread.

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