Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Join the Devroom!

Capcom looked at the number of members registered in the MML3 Devroom as the official number of units they could anticipate to sell if they green-lighted the title for Full Development. The game was never authorized for full time Development because the numbers in North America were less than 4,500. Which with development costs it was deemed financially unacceptable to release the title.

HOWEVER, The Dev Team convinced them to leave the North American Development Room on Capcom-Unity open in an effort to try and generate enough members to change their minds. Also inside the Dev Room is the Official Petition to Release the Prototype of the game and Continue Development of the game on a FULL SCALE.

Come on show them that you care and want them to make MML3. DON'T JUST CLICK LIKE ON FACEBOOK!

1) Click this Link

2) Click Register

3) Click Facebook

4) Fill out birth date

5) Click Accept

6) Click the Green Plus Mark that will add you to the Devroom

7) Don't bother with the "Become a Servbot" instructions anymore. They no longer work.

The numbers here Were why It was originally canceled.

After you join the Devroom you are then permitted to Sign the ONLY Capcom recognized Petition for Mega Man Legends 3 here"

A lot of people have been talking about the number 25,000. This seems to be referring to the number of likes on the Facebook at the time. Take it with a grain of salt, but also keep in mind that this can only help us (as long as you do it in a civil fashion). The more people we have for this, the better. This is should be one of our priorities.