Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aero's Advice: A Note About The Media

Hello guys, The Twitter Guy here. I've read enough emails and notes today about Machinima's Inside Gaming episode featuring us that I feel the need to comment on it. In short, it claimed that we are a petition striving to get 100,000 signatures to bring back the game. After (and during) said claims, they literally laughed at us. I've gotten tons of emails asking what action we are taking on the matter, so here it is: absolutely nothing. By simply reading about us or looking at our info, one can clearly see that we aren't a petition, or a fansite, or leaders of a specific movement: we are a hub. While Facebook likes are always good, they aren't to be treated as a petition. Additionally, we aren't asking you to merely like us, we are asking you to do "absolutely anything and everything" for the cause. In short, anyone can find out who we are and what we stand for in 2 clicks if they take just a single minute to do some research, that is all. Don't spam media articles you don't agree with, and always keep things civil. Thank you all for your concerns, but don't let it get you down. Legends never die!