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what we're about

We exist to show Capcom that Mega Man Legends 3 has real fan support. The Mega Man Legends 3/Rockman DASH 3 project was something entirely new--a game made in conjunction with a development team and fans. It was a game by the fans for the fans, and we will not see our work go to waste. This game's cancellation comes simultaneously with the approval of other titles designed only to nickel and dime consumers through rehashes of preexisting, recently-created sequels. We have waited over 10 years for Legends 3 and we will not stand for this injustice. Let us join together, unified, to help Rock Volnutt escape from the moon!

what we are not about
We want to stay classy. We are not about cursing Capcom out, insulting them, or attacking them. We want them to see the error of their ways, not go out of business. Using profanity and referring to them as "Crapcom" will NOT help our cause. It will only make us look like a bunch of big crybabies. We need to keep it civil. With that said, we are also against spamming. So many people are leaving messages about the cancellation that the last thing the company wants to read is a bunch of repeated posts by the same person.

what you can do to help

Absolutely anything and everything! Our group is meant to simply be a strong hub to help get the message across. Make videos, write editorials, draw art, spread the word about us; all we ask is that you don't spam, and that you keep things civil. We do not endorse any illegal activity either.

Also, it should go without saying, but we are not affiliated with Capcom in any way.

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