Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 07/24/11

Hey everybody! It's David again here for your wrap-up. We've been very careful to read all of the emails we've received up to this point. You guys sure do have some awesome plans! As the week rolls on, some of these will come to light. Thanks to every single one of you for your patience on your end, we just wanted to make sure no one got left behind. These ideas are great and we are actively working with you to make sure we combine our efforts in the best way possible.

As for campaigns, we want to briefly re-visit one from our first wrap-up. It's the Legends Never Die snail-mail campaign. Here's the main page, the forum thread, and the Alternate Page. Keep up the good work! We do need more campaigns though, so please email us at rockvolnutt@ymail.com with CAMPAIGN in the beginning of the subject. We are currently working on flyer campaigns as well after seeing some on the wall: this is a great way to spread the word. Conventions can be vital as well, so please send us an email with CONVENTION in the subject if you have ideas.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to bring to light something that many of you have emailed us about. Zeri P Bishop has taken the time to make a write-up that brings some very intersting stuff to light. By all means check out the full write-up by clicking here, but here is an extract. Remember, always take these things with a grain of salt.

"Here's the OFFICIAL problem:

Capcom looked at the Number of members registered in the MML3 devroom as the official number of units they could anticipate to sell if they green-lighted the title for Full Development. The game was never authorized for full time Development because the numbers in North America were less than 4500. Which with development costs it was deemed Financially Unacceptable to release the title.

HOWEVER, The Dev Team convinced them to Leave the North American Development room on Capcom-Unity open in an effort to try and generate enough members to change their minds. Also inside the Dev Room is the Official Petition to Release the Prototype of the game and Continue Development of the game on a FULL SCALE.

In order to do this however we need your help to spread the word out to your 25,000+ people to do 2 things.

(the instructions have been edited for the easiest way to do this via Facebook)

Come on show them that you care and want them to make MML3. Become a Serve Bot! DON'T JUST CLICK LIKE ON FACEBOOK!
1) Click this Link http://www.capcom-unity.com/go/devroom/about
2) Click Register
3) Click Facebook
......4) Fill out birth date
5) Click Accept
6) Click the Green Plus Mark that will add you to the Devroom
7) Then the Box above it "Become a Servbot"
The numbers here Were why It was originally canceled.

After you join the Devroom as a Servbot you are then permitted to Sign the ONLY Capcom recognized Petition for Megaman Legends 3 here:

If you can get your 25,000+ people to all bring up the official headcount in support of the game and sign the petition to bring back the prototype. Capcom will be forced to see the game as profitable again netting in over 5 times the original projected profit and if you can reach your goal of 100,000 as well while getting them to do this the game will have a projected profit of over 20 times the original projections.

Convincing Capcom there is money to be made is one of the fastest ways to get them to Green-light the project. This was said by the Development team for the game itself. Please help.

Legends Never Die."

If you have the time, do yourself a favor and read the whole thing. That marks the end of this week and this wrap-up, but we will be back tomorrow waiting for the dawn!

This is what we're fighting for, Legends NEVER die!