Monday, July 25, 2011

Aero's Advice: Let's Not Go Overboard

Guys, while the idea of reaching out as to someone as prominent as Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon is a wonderful idea, let's not forget exactly what kind of audience we're trying to reach. Don't forget that going too crazy with these more mainstream media outlets carries just as much potential for bad publicity as good. Let's also not forget that Mr. Colbert's main audience is oriented toward politics, not video games. I am a fan of the Colbert Report myself and while I know that a decent chance exists for him to cover this topic, going too crazy with it may blow up in out faces, so please dial back the enthusiasm when reaching out to mainstream sources. The Colbert Nation Forums are not an extension of this Facebook page and therefore should not see the same levels of posting. Keeping things in check should not interfere with our momentum, but it will at least make us seem more reputable. There is more to keeping things civil besides just not spamming.