Friday, September 9, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up 9/1-6: One More DASH for Us All

Part 1 by Jake Hans:

Salutations on behalf of International Strategies! This is Jake Hans with good news on the international front. Last night, I.S. Team Japan succeeded in convincing the administrator of One_More_Dash that teaming up with the worldwide fight on our “GetMeOffTheMoon” facebook page was in the best interest of Legends/DASH 3. He subsequently tweeted a link to our facebook page and I.S. Video. While this is excellent news, it is not the end game of Team Japan. UG Matumura, a professional web designer in Japan, is working on an overhaul of for free. As a refresher, has detailed instructions to help our friends from Japan join the fight on Facebook and Capcom Unity. Once this overhaul is complete, One_More_Dash will advertise the site on Twitter. On top of this, I.S. has recruited CAP Kobun, a well known Rockman fan in Japan, for assistance. He is also waiting for the completion of the website overhaul which should take 3-7 days. Check the rough sketch of the new Facebook counter below.

In addition to our efforts in Japan, I.S. has been hard at work on many other projects.

Bumper Stickers and Pins: These materials will be available soon and distributed FOR FREE! (donations accepted)

Rob Man I.S. Support Video: The follow up to the I.S. message to Japan Video is in the works.

Suzukaze’s Street Fighter Parody Video: The plan is to have Teisel vs. Trigger in a video similar to, which is a very popular form of humor in Japan.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. International Strategies sees much potential yet to be realized in our movement. The workload may be heavy, but together I am confident that we will be able to harness it. Team Japan members feel we are just one lucky break away from an explosion of Japanese support.

To good luck moving forward!

Part 2 by Matt:

We recently noticed a significant problem with the previous Wrap-Up. The instructions for sending our email to the second Japanese site (the one in Step 3) and Capcom's site (in Step 4) did not say which button to click in order to confirm sending your letter. Please check the images that we have added in order to make sure that you actually sent the letter.

As Jake stated, Japan is getting ready to formally join us. However, the fact that One_More_DASH has pledged support for us doesn't mean that we can rest here in North America. We still need more Servbots! Some people have experienced some trouble lately with regard to problems with their Servbot numbers, such as them disappearing for no reason. We have no explanation for these varied issues at this time, so I would suggest checking Capcom-Unity to make sure that you still have your number. We also still have the International Servbot Collaboration, which ends in a few days. And, as I mentioned above, be sure to read last week's wrap-up for our Grand Master Plan.

In Capcom related news, some strange videos were posted today, but currently nobody has any idea what they mean. We shouldn't really speculate anything about it. Otherwise, the company did announce new Mega Man merchandise and the release of Rockman 4 on PSN. These announcements don't indicate much about the status of our movement, but at least they show that Capcom does still care about Mega Man to some degree.

With regard to what people have been saying both on our page's wall and Capcom's be sure to read our two most recent Aero's Advice segments: Cross Genre Fanbase Communications and Don't Feed the Trolls.

Before I go, here's a picture of one our International Strategies members, Ryan, campaigning at PAX:

Now that takes determination. Legends never die!