Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aero's Advice: Don't Feed the Trolls

So for a while, many of the posts and comments on this page have leaned on the negative side, and they usually get an annoyed response out some of the other members. Now, before I go any further in explaining this matter, allow me to show you how troll logic usually works:

In other words, it seems to make sense in some twistedly logical way until you apply reality to it.

Think of it this way: the individuals who post these negative comments had to click Like on this page in order to post anything in the first place. Really, these individuals just tend to be bored more than anything else, trying to get a rise out of us merely for a laugh. If they were really, truly against us, they wouldn't add to our Like count.

So what do we to when a troll comes along? Trolls feed on responses of any kind. No matter what you say to prove them wrong, they will still find way to troll you. Therefore, the most effective way to respond is to not respond at all. If the troll gets no response, it will simply get bored and leave. If we show ourselves to be ineffective troll bait, then we'll see fewer trolls and people overall will take us more seriously.

Now, if someone is continuously spamming the Wall regardless of the response they get, posting pornography, or making remarks that are exceptionally offensive (such as making racial slurs) alert the admins at rockvolnutt@ymail.com immediately and we will make sure to ban the disruptive individuals and their content.

Regardless of whether cancellations or trolls stand in our way, we will prevail!