Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aero's Advice: Cross-Genre Fanbase Communications

It has come to the attention of the admins of 100,000 Strong that some of the anger at Capcom's decision to cancel Megaman Legends has been mistakenly misdirected at other fanbase genres. For example, observe the top comment of the International reach out video :

"I love Capcom games but lately they seem to be really letting down the fans. Street Fighter 4 RE-RELEASED TWO TIMES ALREADY...Marvel Vs Capcom 3, ten years in the making, will be re-released AGAIN. Dead Rising 2? NUMEROUS online issues with a game that is heavily co-op based. Mega Man Legends 3? Canned.

Capcom, are you really listening to what your true fans want? From where I stand you seem to have become money grubbers. Until Mega Man Legends 3 is released I refuse to buy your games, done."

Yes, Capcom's decision to cancel Megaman Legends 3 was based on risk-aversion. Their logic was that a fighter would more likely have a bigger audience than an adventure-RPG title.

The problem here is, how can we reach out to a foreign fanbase if we can not reach out to potential indirect supporters at home? Many Street Fighter fans would support us if we reach out to them. Our movement relies on positive attitudes from all of our members, so remember that we all represent the same cause!

For instance, here is another comment that appeared on the same video: "I don't like this series. But I joined servbots. It didn't take much time. I recommend it for other Capcom fans and others too. I'm more Street fighter player."

At various points of time, fighting game fans have also had their gripes against Capcom. Fans of both Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom had to wait 10 years for a true sequel not all too long ago. Rival Schools and Darkstalkers fans, in fact, are still waiting for a new entry. As much as many of us dislike Capcom's policies regarding Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, we shouldn't be alienating fans of the series. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Don't, however, criticize others for being fans. Fighting game fans can be our allies. I have played a few online matches of MVC3 myself and discovered that many people like to play as Tron Bonne. Furthermore, Mega Man X is still the most requested character for DLC. The fact that fans like Street Fighter and its various spinoffs doesn't mean that they can't also support our cause.

We fight together, for Mega Man Legends 3!