Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roll's End of August Wrap-Up: The Grand Master Plan For All MML/DASH Fans

This is Matt presenting this wrap-up, but before I say anything, let me say that all our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Irene. As a Floridian, I know the strife that hurricanes can cause, but Floridan buildings are meant to withstand such damage. I hope that any of you unfortunate enough to be caught in the storm can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

As for our movement, we have recruited over 43,000 likes on this page and over 10,000 new Servbots in the Devroom in just a month and a half. Considering the scope of our goal, this is actually an amazing accomplishment, considering the fact that Capcom only managed to recruit 5,000 before the game's cancellation. With that said, we still need more Servbots! Please become one if you haven't already, and encourage others to do the same. In addition, Capcom only graced our hero with one liaison to Japan while we provided the blue guy with more than twenty liaisons from all over the world.

Speaking of international liaisons, I now present this immensely important message from Jake Hans:

Hello friends and fighters for Mega Man Legends/Rockman DASH 3. This is Jake Hans reporting from International Strategies. By now most of you have likely had the chance to see our message to Japan. Thank you all for the compliments and words of encouragement. All of us at International Strategies really appreciate it!

I am excited to announce that today we are releasing an aggressive offensive strategy to reach our friends in Japan. As a refresher, our problem right now is that the fanbase is split because the population in Japan does not use Facebook. Therefore, the foundation of this strategy will require the combined numbers of everyone who believes that Megaman Legends 3 and Rockman DASH 3 should be brought back to the development table! Team Japan has collaborated on the strategy's action plan which uses our I.S. video to reach the untapped potential of our Japanese brethren.

We must succeed in spreading our message to the Japanese fanbase through their major news outlets to achieve the best results!

Japanese Outreach Action Plan

Purpose: Combine the 100,000 Strong membership with potential members in Japan

Goal: Get Japanese gaming news outlets to write about our cause

Note: Most Japanese companies use online form mail instead of e-mail.

Step 1: Copy the JAPANESE version of this prewritten letter.


The following is an English Version, which has been provided to help you understand what you're sending. Please remember to use the Japanese version!

A grave injustice has befallen a large group of dedicated gamers, and we are in need of your assistance! As you may already know, Capcom announced last year that the game Rockman DASH 3 was going to be released for the Nintendo 3DS after an indecisive ending to DASH 2 and a decade-long wait. They then opened the “Devroom”, a place for the fans to help develop the game through their ideas, and spent months revealing the development process and holding wonderful events for all to participate in. This all led up to the announcement of a prologue chapter for DASH 3, dubbed the “Prototype Version,” which was to be released to the Nintendo eShop at its launch. Capcom said that the sales of the Prototype would determine the final fate of the game, as it had not yet reached the final approval level.

The fans waited for the release of this prototype, prepared to wholeheartedly support the game that we so love. But mysterious delays kept surfacing, pushing the release date farther and farther back. Slowly, the news and events in the Devroom began to slow down, and then, on July 18th, the announcement was made that the DASH 3 project was canceled.

In the wake of this massive let-down, surrounded by the shards of broken promises, the ever-loyal fan-base of Rockman has started a campaign to reverse Capcom’s terrible decision. In the short weeks since this event, we have already amassed the support of over 43,000 individuals via the “Get Me Off The Moon” campaign, all of whom are asking Capcom to at least release the Prototype Version for the sake of keeping their promise, earning back their consumers' trust, and allowing the Prototype sales to determine the final fate of this game. We have reached out to countries across the globe and received a great amount of support, even from the game’s lead programmer! However, we still have a long road ahead, and this is the reason that we are contacting you today.

We are trying to reach the Japanese fanbase in order to unite this global initiative and show Capcom that this game is worth making. We respectfully request that you feature our initiative on your website in the form of a commercial that we have created specifically to close the gap between these two factions of the global fan-base and unify our efforts. It is our belief that this will give us the momentum that we need to reach our 100,000 person goal in support of DASH 3! We are two parts to the same whole, and in unity we can become stronger than either of us could possibly be alone. This service to our cause and the gaming community as a whole would be greatly appreciated, and we are confident that it will result in an undertaking of global proportions the likes of which the video game industry has never seen. We have a great amount of hope, as few initiatives along these lines have ever amassed such support in so short a time, but we are not yet at our goal!

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. We eagerly look forward to any feedback that you may have!


The Rockman DASH community


Japanese Version


私 たちDASH3ファンの皆は、ゲームサイトの皆さんのご協力を必要としています。ご存知の通り、DASH2のうやむやなエンディングとその後の長過ぎた待 ちわびの果てに、カプコンは去年3DS用のタイトル「ロックマンDASH3」の開発を発表しました。そしてファンたちと開発チームがアイディアを交わしな がら一緒にゲームを作り上げるシステム「開発室」を開き、何ヶ月の間開発の進行状況を公開しながら色んな募集イベントを通じてファンの皆がその過程に参加 できるようにしていました。開発は進み、やがて任天堂e-shopでのDASH3体験版のリリースの予定が発表されるようになりました。カプコンはこの体 験版の販売量でこのゲームの正式発売を最終的に検討する、と言ってましたが、その後開発は体験版の配信もしないまま中止されてしまいました。

ファ ンたちは愛するこのゲームへのサポートをちゃんと見せるため、心からこの体験版の発売を待ち望んでいましたが何故か発売は毎度延期されるだけでした。それ に開発室のニュースやイベントなどのアップデートはどんどん減りかけ、結局7月19日、「ロックマンDASH3」開発プロジェクトは公式的に中止されてし まいました。

この発表でカプコンはDASH3を待ち望んでいた多くのファンとの約束を破り、彼らに大きな失望を与えました。ロックマン ファンの皆は、カプコンのこのような判断を撤回させるために署名活動を始めました。活動が始まってこの数週間、この活動、 「GetMeOffTheMoon」はすでに43000人以上の個人のサポートを受けています。参加者の皆は少なくても彼らが約束した体験版の発売を通じ ての販売量の予測を行うことを求めています。私たちはまた、色んな国のファンたちにこの活動のことを知らせ、今は世界中の人々からのサポートを受けていま す。しかし、まだこれからの道は遠く、そしてまた一歩進めるためにこのメッセージを送っています。

私たちは、全て のファンが一つに力を合わせる為に日本のDASHファンたちにも宣伝をしています。私たちはカプコンに、このゲームには作り続ける価値が確かにあることを 知らせたいです。どうか、私たちが日本のファンたちとの距離を狭め皆が一つに連合するように用意したこの宣伝動画 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGjy_IY8ePY)について報道してください。

お書きくださった 記事で、私たちの活動はもっと活気を得て、目指しの10万人の最後まで集めてロックマンDASH3への支援をはっきり見せるのだと信じています。各国の ファンたちは皆が同じ目標のために頑張っているのだから、別々に活動し続けるより皆が力を合わせる方がもっと良いはずだと思います。皆さんの協力は私たち の活動とDASH3を支持する他のゲームコミュニティーたちに本当に大いなる助けになると思います。そして、このような皆さんのご協力はきっと今まであっ たことのない国際的な大連合を生み出すと信じて疑いません!短い間でもこんな多くの参加者が集まりましたし、目標はまだまだ遠いんですがそれでも私たちは 決して希望を失いません!




Step 2: Go to https://ssl.asciimw.jp/dengeki/cgi-bin/dol/mailform.html and paste the letter in the contents box. Follow the image below:

Step 3: Go to https://www.iid.co.jp/contact/inside_contact.html and paste the letter in the contents box.

Step 4: Go to https://www.capcom.co.jp/support/form_cs1/ and write a personal letter to them in English. The letter should request Rockman DASH 3 be brought back into production, a link to our Message to Japan, and any other feelings you may have on the cancellation. PLEASE BE CIVIL!!! I CAN"T STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! Capcom Japan has translators, so your message will be heard.

Optional Step: Let Keiji Inafune know about us! We have his company's e-mail address: info@comcept.co.jp

Suzukaze, one of our Japanese Liaisons, sent him a very long and personal letter already. Sending this e-mail in English is okay. His company has English translators. Remember to include http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGjy_IY8ePY and http://jp-na-devroom.com/

Step 5: Tweet the following message in Japanese:

FacebookのロックマンDASH3再起動プロジェクトからの動画メッセージです。一緒に、ロックマンDASH3を取り戻しましょう!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGjy_IY8ePY #DASH3

("This is the video message from the DASH3 revival project on Facebook. Let's bring back Rockman DASH3 together! " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGjy_IY8ePY #DASH3)

Once these steps are completed, you will have successfully played a part in helping the Legends/DASH fanbase come together!

Thank you, Legends fans, for standing by us as we press for support in Japan. Rest assured that this is not the final project of International Strategies. Our efforts will continue until Capcom of Japan realizes that their initial marketing efforts failed to harness the power of the Legends fanbase! Sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

Together, for MML3!

Samen, voor MML3!

ไปด้วยกัน เพื่อ MML3!

3 نام اجيم ةروطسأ لجأ نم اعم


Insieme, per MML3!

Juntos, por MML3!

Zusammen, für MML3!

¡Unidos por MML3!


Tous ensemble pour MML3!

Winning the support of Japan is a matter of reaching out to them. Of course, we have a few other aforementioned ways as well, one of which is to become a follower of One_More_DASH on Twitter. Another is to join in on the International Servbot Collaboration. Also remember that we now have a A promotional video for International Strategies .

In other important news, Nintendo 3DS Blog recently published a page that allows you to reach out to one of the few individuals who has actually played the Prototype Version and ask whatever questions that you may have about it. Remember to keep everything civil and focus you questions on gathering information about the Prototype, not bashing Capcom. Information is powerful, and we now have a chance to gather more.

In one last bit of news, Nathan, one of the members on our page is artistically chronicling the MML3 revival movement, along with Operation Rainfall and others, in the form of an RPG. Check it out if you're interested.

Together, we will all make this happen. Legends Never Die, and this legend will live on!