Friday, March 16, 2012

Roll's Wrap-Up 3/15/12: Mid-March Madness

Hello everyone, this is Jake Hans from International Strategies with a ton of updates, so I will get right to them. But first, please consider joining our NeoDevroom Get a Weapon! Contest. Remember that if you want to participate, you need a Servbot number! The winner will receive a custom Mega Man Trigger model with the winning weapon design. Make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

Our first story deals with the creator of Mega Man Legends himself, Keiji Inafune!

Keiji Inafune has again stated his desire to develop new Mega Man games in collaboration with Capcom in the future.

Source: Gamespot

"GameSpot: What do you think of the way Capcom has handled Mega Man lately?

Keiji Inafune: [Laughs] I have to be careful with the Capcom questions. I probably feel the same way as all the Mega Man fans. All I can say is I hope to see the new Mega Man because I've left a lot of people with my DNA [at Capcom]. But if they can't, I'm always open if Capcom asks us to be the developer. We'd take it."

Ms. Morishita has written a response to all the encouraging comments in regards to her "Your Wind Is Blowing" and "Another Sun" re-arrangement project.

Source: Reika Morishita's Official Blog

Everyone! Thank you a lot for all the comments!

Even though there are many different opinions, they were all very helpful.

The comments praise the original songs, and want to make them even better.

Please do write more comments.

Your comments will give me strength.

Really, everyone has collectively given me feelings of power. I'm happy.

ありがとう。  何度言ってもいい足りないくらい、、、、。
Thank you. I can not say that enough times.

Thank you for telling me that the song is so loved.

And, thanks to DASH.

I never want to turn this power off!

As more people become united, we wil blow the wind further.

Let's blow the wind together! !

The Mega Man Legends Worldwide Comic Con Campaign will make its next stop at VRGE (Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo) in Vancouver, British Columbia lead by Ryan King.This custom Zakobon Guitar Hero guitar (pictured above) will be auctioned off at the event with the proceeds going to Child's Play charity.

See Ryan in action with his custom Zakobon guitar!

Ryan's Statement: "Hey Legends fans! Ryan here. This Saturday, March 17th, I'm running a 100K booth at the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo in Vancouver BC! I'll be raffling off this set of Legends themed bead sprites as well as two Servbot bead sprite necklaces. I'll also be handing out 41 Servbot masks. Like the booth at NYCC, I'll also have a TV set up playing Legends, a signature sheet, and supplies for drawing fanart. And the best part? Capcom Vancouver is gonna have a booth there! I'll try to film and take pictures while I'm there, so stay tuned!"

Here are the 41 Servbot Masks Pictured:

Here are the bead sprites that will be raffled off at the event:

Here are the two Servbot bead sprite neckaces:

If you will be attending VRGE and would like to assist Ryan, please feel free to comment below. Together we fight, for Mega Man Legends 3!

The Mega Man Legends 5 Isle adventure project has been on hiatus for some time. New episodes are on the way, so please be patient! Let's keep up this momentum! Legends Never Die!