Friday, July 29, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 07/28/11

David here. Today's Wrap-Up is possibly the most important one so far, so get ready.

August 19th is the first thing we should talk about. On this date, Japan's Devroom will fully shut down. It's been talked about here quite well, but allow me to provide an excerpt.

"I feel this date is important to consider, as it marks it a for sure point in time where Capcom will decide to either finish their cancellation plans, or perhaps do something else. On the US cancellation Q&A, there is no mention of the date, which might be why so many people neglect to mention it. Furthermore, the US Devroom cancellation was dealt with differently, allowing users to still join and post in the Devroom forums. The Q&A mentions this, explaining that the “Dev Room will remain open in a limited capacity, so you can PM those people now and in the future. “ The act of leaving open the Devroom has offered hope to some people, but the rest of the Q&A makes it quite clear the Capcom has no plans to continue Mega Man Legends 3 or use the ideas from the Devroom anytime in the future. Which, makes the decision for leaving it open and allowing for people to still get Servbot numbers all the more curious."

This does make things seem a bit more unsettling in some ways. We have the North American devroom, but for how much longer? Obviously, we should not delay as the time to take action is now, but we need a deadline to pressure us to achive our goals. Numbers get tossed around a lot, but I think that we should be striving for AT LEAST 25,000 Devroom members and 20,000 Servbots. I think it is possible, so long as we spread the word. The more we can get in a short span of time, the better. Showing Capcom our support and voice on thier own turf is the best thing we've got right now, so keep it up.

In related news, Fujikawa's Twitter page is gone. There are no further details on the matter, so consider any reasoning behind it pure speculation. That being said, we know that what he spoke was purely from a consumer's mindset.

By tomorrow, the Facebook page should hit 35,000 hits. Good job guys! With that being said, I would like to ask something of every active member here. If you know just a single person who would be willing to help out by liking us and becoming a Servbot, tell them about our cause. As we've said prior, we are going at a good pace and slumps and spikes are normal. However, the bigger a group is, the more support they get. We are not trying to get special recognition, we simply want all the external support we can get to help the cause. Be civil, don't spam, and never forget what we are fighintg for. Remember, we have to show Capcom we are civil, dedicated, and serious, and we need all the help we can get. If we could get another number spike up in a relatively quick amount of time, that would really help something that we are truly adamant about: the international front.

Thanks to out friends at International Strategies, we are rolling out the movement wround the world. Our goal is to be fully rolled out by this weekend, and all looks well. Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Arabic and German pages are now available, so please check those, as well as all the others, right here. To all of our friends across the world, thank you. We only wish we could do more, but it is not our strength, which is why we must say thanks once again to our friends at International Strategies. Additional liasons are coming soon as well, and all of them will be posted on ther blog and International Strategies very soon.

Lastly, let's talk about the 3DS. If you haven't heard by now, Nintendo has dropped the price significantly in all regions effective mid-August. A more economical unit leads to more people buying it (or so we hope). Let us show 3rd party developers that they need not be afraid of releasing thier efforts on the 3DS. If you do not own one already, and were planning to get one anyways, get one now. Why? Not only will you get 20 free games, but it will be a profit to them. That way, they get the original profit, you get a system you were going to get anyways, plus some exclusive releases, and 3rd parties see the adoption rate go up. I know not everyone has 250 USD or equivalent to blow, but if you were thinking about getting one anyways, you might as well do it now.

That is all for now, we wait for the dawn. Remember, that while nothing is gauranteed, our efforts are not in vain. Legends Never Die!