Saturday, July 30, 2011

International Strategies: The Key To Getting Him Off The Moon

This is Jake Hans, the leader behind International Strategies. As a business professional in finance, I fully believe that there is still a chance to get Mega Man Legends 3 back in production. To accomplish this end, International Strategies was created to rally Mega Man Legends fans around the world. This international team came together behind a shared love for Mega Man Legends and the desire to persuade Capcom to resume development. No matter which region of the world we came from, Rock Volnutt was our childhood hero. For ten years, he has always kept a special place in our hearts. For Capcom to assert that our hero was going to make a comeback and then abruptly take him away was tasteless and cruel. The fact that they solicited our help for game development makes their decision all the more insulting. But we all know, what comes around, goes around. To everyone trying to get Mega Man Legends 3 back through different projects, keep up the good fight! We will bring our hero back together!

International Strategies has identified an opportunity to make headlines and keep our movement relevant in the mainstream gaming news by attempting to get our international fans to join our 100,000 Strong page. The fact is there are major cultural barriers that divide our fanbase. Not every country uses Facebook. The percent of the populations in Italy and Japan that use Facebook are 28% and 3% respectively. Japan prefers social sites such as and

Our translators at Get Me Off The Moon Japan have been hard at work spreading the word in Japan through and Mixi (closed only to users). We have many friends in Japan who want to help, but they need to know we are serious about making a difference. Remember, there was more Devroom support in Japan than in the North American Devroom during the fan development. Breaking cultural barriers overnight is impossible, but I sincerely believe that we have a chance because the love for Mega Man Legends transcends geographic boundaries.

Now International Strategies is NOT limited to just Japan. Our efforts extend to every country to join our movement. All of our Fanbase Liaisons FIGHT TOGETHER, FOR OUR HERO TO COME HOME!

Our team at International Strategies is serious about getting Mega Man off the moon. We are currently devising ways to get our fanbase on Facebook to reach out to non-Facebook users the world over. We are also looking for capable web programmers to assist our Fanbase Liaisons. Please contact me for more information if you're interested!

Although I believe that Mega Man Legends 3 can be saved, there are no guarantees. Anyone who says that there is any special criteria involved is working off of speculation. We all know that the truth always rises to the top, so fellow Mega Man fans, please do not make any 100% promises. They could easily backfire and hurt the cause. Also do not spam or make fake accounts to inflate the numbers on our site. Doing these things actually hurts the cause because it makes us look immature. If you want to make a difference, spread the word to everyone that will hear it or join our team.

We will maximize our chances to bring Mega Man Legends back by:
1. Making positive statements to Capcom like reaching to our international friends!
2. Spreading the word to your friends, family, and coworkers!
3. Fighting as one united force!

This movement is not just about a game on the 3DS. This is about fighting for our hero we grew to love 10 years ago. Thank you.