Saturday, July 30, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 07/29-30/11 Stepping It Up

Hello guys, Scruffy here (yes, as in TTG) for your Wrap-Up. First of all, I want to talk about 2 new campaigns. Our friends at The Megaman Network have a great guide about voicing yourselves on is a website that allows people to request a desired product. Just follow the directions, and keep it civil as usual. The other camapign is one that we've been getting emails for a couple days now. It's called "Shut Up And Take My Zenny!", and those that watch Futurama need no explanation to what this campaign entails. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself or your friends with the money the game costs (40 USD or equivalent, depending on region). Be creative! Make a note, cosplay, or make a video, it doesn't matter as long as its creative and attention-grabbing. The more stuff we fo for the cause before August 19th, the better. Keep spreading the word about Servbots!

Something we mentioned briefly last night was (which is being worked on over the weekend by International Strategies). Our Japanese Liasons agree that 100,000 strong will get more likes (likes are good, but they are not everything) if a website dedicated to Japan were created. Our friends from Japan create lots of fan art, so we will allow them to post fan art on this site as a petition to capcom. IS will also provide the links and instructions on how to join 100,000 strong. Although in Japanese, we encourage all fans to post fan art on this site once it is fully running. Our long term goal is to expand this site to accommodate the entire international community so together we can save our hero. In other words, we're doing this because we need to. International Strategies holds the key to our future success.

SwiftSketcher of NeoGAF posted this earlier today. I urge all of you to read his words.

"The effort has hit it's first roadblock, and it's vital that whoever is at the lead organize the top reps in this effort and relentlessly pursue coverage in the bigger media outlets. Protodude is right with his tweet: "100K4MML3 has peeked. I'm telling you guys, you gotta branch out to the big boys @kotaku @gamespot @g4 @ect or else that's it." I feel if we stay in the mode of "spread this to your friends and random fansites" session we're currently in, we're in trouble."

We absolutely agree. Though keep it civil is important, our voices must be heard, and the time of action is now. We've chosen this day to talk about it, because now we can say and prove that we have a community, and not just some guys with too much free time on thier hands or something only for North America. We have stepped up our game, and we're not stopping now. We have dedicated volunteers, we have dedicated friends and fans, and most importantly, we (all of us) have the drive to see this through. We are no scrambling mob, we will have our voice heard. I urge you all to spread the word on our updated efforts to your friends, your family, THE MEDIA (YES, THE MEDIA), the game shops you visit, the cons you attend, and absolutely anything and everything else. Show the world our cause! We are working so hard, but we can't do it alone.

Our efforts are not in vain, so long as we stand by them. Our words are not void, so long as we take action. Well my friends, action has been taken and we stand by it. Voice the cause! You know what can and needs to be done, now do it and share it with the world. In the words of Doc Brown, we must succeed.

Keep it up guys, this fight's only begun! Legends Never Die!