Monday, August 1, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 07/31/11

Hi everyone, David here. Today I have some community-based updates for everybody. We're currently working on community relations. It's still preaching to the choir, however, that we all need to work together. What we NEED (which we haven't seen much of today) is media coverage. To remedy this, please CIVILLY submit the cause to gaming media. We need to look professional so don't spam, but a massive amount of mail from different people would get us noticed. Just PLEASE be civil. Remember to send us emails at! They'll all be fully read by tomorrow.

On the international side, our International Strategies group has been very busy. We now have a Dutch page! Check them out here! As if that wasn't enough, they've contacted the leader of the Japanese MML3 movement and plans to bridge the gap between Japanese and North American efforts are forming. A transcript of the conversation is here. This is a HUGE step forward for us, and I would like to thank Digital Media Coordinator MB X. McClain for setting this conversation up! Thanks go out to the entire International Strategies group as well! We can't do this without you!

That's all for today's Wrap-Up. Things have slowed down in the media for now, but let's work to change that! Legends never die!