Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up 8/1/2011

Matt here. Today has been an interesting day indeed. I suppose the biggest news today would be the mention of us in this article on Kotaku stating that Capcom is aware of our movement but has no plans of bringing back Legends 3. So what does this article mean to us? To put it simply: absolutely nothing. Our International Strategies Translation Team went straight to Suzukaze Yuya, the leader of the MML3 movement in Japan, to discuss the matter. They came to this conclusion:

"Fellow MML3 friends, please do not let Capcom America's attempt to silence the fight to save our hero discourage us. Also, please make sure to thank Kotaku.com for that article. They have given us an indication that we are still relevant to major publications."

If anything, Kotaku's article has provided us with more publicity and proven that we still matter to the gaming media. Furthermore, this was not news from Capcom's upper management but merely a prepared statement by a local representative. Our international liaison continues:

"International Strategies believes our window to save the man on the moon is not yet closed. Over the past week, our Fanbase Liaisons and staff have been putting together a campaign named 'Bridge the Fanbase Together' for the purpose of reaching out to our friends in Japan as well as the entire international MML3 community. We are putting all of our resources behind this project. More specifics will be released tomorrow."

As you can see, we have no reason to stop because, if anything, we're still getting started. You can view the full conversation between our international teams below.

In other news, Servbot #011531, Trace Wysaske, has offered us a new idea:

"As I was surfing the Capcom website today, I noticed that the Devroom is not the only Megaman Legends group on the company's official page. The Devroom has 14050 members at the time of this writing, but the actual Megaman Legends group only has 176 members. I was thinking that if people were encouraged to join the Megaman Legends group in addition to the Devroom on the Capcom website, perhaps it would make the Megaman Legends name seem even more popular and significant. To get in the top 16 groups on the Capcom site, the Megaman Legends group would need over 3,777 members. Doing so would knock out the Zack & Wiki group from the top 16. Since many of the people supporting ML3 have signed up for an account on Capcom in order to become a Servbot and member of the Devroom, it would only take one click for them to become a member of the Megaman Legends group. To me, it seems like having two Megaman Legends groups with thousands of members would increase visibility and show the utter popularity of the series' name to Capcom."

We say that this idea is most certainly worth a try. Find that page here.

Next, the admins would like to apologize for various errors we've made both on this page and elsewhere. We have corrected most of them.

Remember to keep alerting the gaming media about our cause. Also don't forget about the Legends Never Die Mail-in Campaign or the flyer campaign, which you can learn about here, here, and here. Remember to be civil and classy with all things you do for our case and remember that legends never die.