Saturday, August 6, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 08/02/11

Hi everyone, David here. Not much happened in the news today, but there are some more community updates to talk about! We've got more details concerning our website. In regards to that, Jake Hans from International Strategies says:

"100,000 strong,

After consulting with our liaisons around the world, it became apparent that our original global campaign site called is not going to work because of the name. In Japan, fans of Rockman Dash consider Volnutt to have been left in Heaven. Getmeoffthemoon is not a common phrase in Japan, which makes it unattractive.

So, we have named the site to represent our worldwide fanbase.

We realized what all the fanbases around the world had in common was a love for making fan art. In fact, our friends from Japan are doing a "silent" protest for MML3 by submitting their own fan art on pixiv. International Strategies sees this as our opportunity to link the fanbases together. will be able to accept fan art with minimal registration and easy translation to all languages. We will have links on the site instructing non-English speakers how to get on facebook and join 100,000 strong. IF YOU HAVE A CAMPAIGN YOU WANT FEATURED IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE ON THE SITE, PLEASE SEND IT TO US (PREFERABLY IN .HTML). The goals of the site are to link the fan base together and receive 50,000 unique images by August 19th as another way to indicate to Capcom that there is strong fan interest for Mega Man Legends 3. So, fellow Legends fans, please get your fan art ready! Let's show our friends in Japan and around the world that we are serious about saving our hero!

The site will launch 8/4/2011 at 10pm Eastern Standard Time. I want to make it clear that there will be no ads or requests for donations. was built for the fans, by the fans!

Legends Never Die!"

You can send campaigns their way as well by emailing, but remember to send us campaign ideas too at (and remember to put CAMPAIGN in the subject). In addition, you can access in three ways! There's the full address, a short version at and the one mentioned above at isn't linked to the main host yet, but launch will be at 10 p.m. EST on Thursday so have your fan art ready! Thanks to Suzukaze for suggesting the new link and Amunshen for the assist!

That about does it for today. Not too much happening, but please keep spreading the word to get more servbots! This is still as important as ever, so let's get more numbers! Don't let those news articles discourage us in the least: we need to keep pressing forward with the cause! With that, I'll leave you with some of the efforts that the International team has put forward. There's a picture attached to the bottom of this note that you all can download. In addition, we have translations for "Let's get him off the moon together!" in multiple languages! Thanks to:

Samuele Voltan for the Italian translation: "Portiamolo via dalla Luna insieme!"

Mako Shiruba for the Spanish translation: "¡Vamos a bajarlo de la Luna juntos!"

Jake Hans and Bruno for the Portuguese (Portugal) translation: "Deixem-me sair da lua"

Jake Hans and Ghun for the Thai translation: "เอาเค้าลงมาจากดวงจันทร์กันเถอะ"

Julien Machiels for the French translation: Faisons le descendre de la lune ensemble

Steve Unfred for the Japanese translation: ”一緒に月から連れて帰りましょう!”

Let's get Mega Man off the moon together! Keep spreading the word! Legends never die!