Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 08/15/11

Hi everyone, David here. Tonight we've got a few announcements.

First, the video of G4 that I.S. subbed made it on GoNintendo and Nintendo 3DS Blog (as well as in this video)! This video is part of a larger movement to raise awareness. Let's spread the message worldwide that there is a fanbase waiting for this game, and that we are rallying for this cause! In addition, I.S. is making a video that represents what they're all about. It should be out soon, so keep your eyes on their Youtube Channel!

I know that a lot of people were offended by X-Play's comments, but we need to stay civil. Please try not to badmouth the show or the cast, despite your opinions. Looking at some of the comments on the Youtube video, I see that plenty of us are angry at G4. It does NOT mean that we should be so harsh. We've also been getting a few trolls recently. The best course of action there is to just ignore them. We need to stay classy. This is VERY important to our cause!

Remember to join the devroom and become servbots! This is our primary campaign right now. You can post your servbot number here when you're done!

Want to get more involved? Here's a list of campaigns that have been set up so far. We're working with the ideas you've sent to us so far. Keep sending us ideas at rockvolnutt@ymail.com with CAMPAIGN in the subject!

One of them is the Legends Never Die snail-mail campaign! While the target date has passed, I'm pretty sure that sending more mail to Capcom wouldn't hurt our chances. To everyone who has already sent in mail: thank you!

The Tanomi.com campaign is also a good way to show your support! In a similar vein, you could like Mega Man Legends 3 on Amazon.com (click the yellow button on the right side of the page). Similar movements have worked in the past, so look into this when you get the time!

Then there's the "Shut Up and Take My Zenny!" campaign! You can read about it on the campaign page of the blog.

There's also the International Servbot Collaboration! You don't need to be an artist to join in this campaign, but being a servbot helps!

You can also sign the only Capcom-recognized petition for the game. Make sure you do this after becoming a servbot!

Don't forget spreading flyers around! There are several here that you can use, so this gives you another option for spreading the word around! Print some of these out and distribute them around town (but be sure to ask the appropriate people if it's ok first)!

Lastly, you can email other news sites or groups and ask for their support. There are plenty of Mega Man cover bands, so if you happen to see any of them in concert then you might be able to ask them! We already have the support of ArmCannon, so thank them! Let's work to put ourselves in the spotlight (but not for the wrong reasons). Spread the word!

This is what we're fighting for! Legends never die!