Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 08/14/11

Hi everyone, David here. Today's Wrap-Up comes early, but there are announcements to be made!

Posted in yesterday's Wrap-Up, The I.S. Team has been hard at work translating/creating videos lately. I'm reporting that the I.S. team has made a Youtube Channel for videos!

Their head, Jake Hans, has this to say:

"Recently G4 made a statement on their TV show X-Play declaring that no one was awaiting the return of Megaman Trigger/Rockman DASH. Their remark did not go unheard by GetMeOffTheMoon International Strategies. Our own member Dashe Troxon, the creator of “Waiting for Legends 3: A Tribute” is the ultimate example to disprove the claims of G4. Her artwork is a reflection of the feelings many Megaman Legends/Rockman DASH fans have. To prove that there were people worldwide waiting for this game, International Strategies Liaisons have been subtitling her video in every language possible. The Japanese version of the song will soon be posted on Nico Nico which is the Japanese version of youtube. Our video will include a message that if they feel the way Dashe does for the return of Megaman Legends 3 to come join facebook and become a servbot in the American devroom.

The response to the International Servbot Collaboration has been outstanding! Please keep it up! The admin of One_More_DASH thanks all of you for your support. The International Strategies video will need a little more time to complete. Thank you for your patience. We are working hard all over the world for the return of Rockman DASH, and the quality of our work will reflect that. If you have participated in any of the petitions, please post on the International Strategies page to join them. Speaking another language is not required. We have major projects in the works and any help is welcome!"

The video has been subtitled in Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal) and Dutch so far, with Maltese, German, French and Arabic versions in the works. They're putting the finishing touches on the Spanish version right now. Keep it up, I.S. Team! Don't forget to subscribe to them! In addition, each subtitled video will be posted to its respective GMoTM International page so keep your eyes open for them!

Don't forget to join the Devroom and become Servbots, though! We've been pushing a LOT of different campaigns, but the Servbot push is still the most important one! After that, you can post your servbot number here or sign the only Capcom-recognized petition for MML3!

After that, you can participate in any of the petitions mentioned above or on the blog to show more of your support! Got more ideas? Please send them to us at (add CAMPAIGN to the subject bar if they are possible campaign ideas)! We can't do this without you!

That's all for now. Let's show the world what we're fighting for! Legends never die!