Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 08/12-13/11

Hi everyone, David here. There are a few announcements to make!

We've got another mention, people! Thanks for helping spread the word, Dueling Analogs!

If you've checked the blog recently, you may have noticed a new tab: Team Japan. This section is under construction right now, but it will hopefully serve to strengthen the bridge between us (the North American audience) and our friends in Japan! Some of the folks from the I.S. Team will be posting there, so keep your eyes open!

Speaking of I.S., their Japan branch is working on a video right now. It will be released by 9 P.M. EST 8/14/11. That's not all though: the rest of the I.S. team Liaisons are working on translating a custom video in their own respective language! That's pretty ambitious, so cheer them on!

That's it for current events! Remember to become a servbot after you join the Devroom if you haven't already! When you do, you can post your servbot number here!

Don't forget about the campaigns going on right now, either! The International Servbot Collaboration effort is moving along pretty nicely, but we need more people to post their own servbots! You don't have to be an artist to do it: a template is provided in case you can't draw (like myself), so go have fun with it!

The Campaign is another great campaign to get behind! All of the details are included in the link. I'm absolutely sure that we can't POSSIBLY have enough people requesting MML3 on, so get in there and show them that you want this game! Make some noise, people! Don't forget to stay civil, though!

Those are just two of the campaigns we have going right now! You can check the blog for even more! Have an idea you want to share? Send an email with CAMPAIGN in the subject to to let us know about it!

And that's the Wrap-Up! Keep spreading the word about us, we can't do this without you all! Legends never die!