Saturday, August 6, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 08/04/11

Hey everyone, David here. I've got a big community post for tonight. has launched! International Strategies has been hard at work getting this site up and running (The site looks great!), so show them your support by signing up and submitting fan art! Alternate addresses for the page are and They all link to the same place. Now the international movement can REALLY push forward!

This doesn't diminish the importance of becoming a servbot however. We still need more support there! Join the ranks! You may not like Capcom after what they've done, but the best shot you have to get them to hear you is by posting on the Capcom-unity forums! It's going to take more than just a "Like" on Facebook to get Mega Man back to Earth!

In addition, we need more media coverage. We can't let this go quietly. In a recent email, we've gotten a suggestion to email a couple of other sources. One of them is the Consumerist and the other is The Official Nintendo Magazine from the UK. These both seem like solid suggestions. Don't spam them, but more emails asking them to cover us wouldn't hurt (and PLEASE remember to stay civil). If any of you have more suggestions, please send us an email at!

That about does it for this Wrap-Up! Please remember (and it bears repeating) to keep things civil! We must treat others with respect if we want their help, and we cannot do this alone! Let's get him off the moon together! Legends never die!