Friday, August 19, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up: 08/16-18/11

Matt's presenting the wrap-up tonight, but our main news for tonight hardly comes straight from me. Rather, I submit to you a statement by our international strategies team:

"As you all know, the Japanese Devroom was shut down just now. Nonetheless, we can still win and we will continue to fight! International Strategies has been hard at work trying to get our friends from Japan to team up with us on Facebook and in the Devroom. Unfortunately we have not succeeded yet. Our efforts have included creating , subtitling Waiting for Legends 3 and posting it on Nico Nico, and creating a new website called to serve as a dedicated hub to Japan similar to

"In order to win this fight, I humbly request your assistance.

"Our challenge to team up with Japan can be summed up by this conversation with Suzukaze:

Jake: How does North America reach out to Japan?

ゆ: Through twitter, OneMoreDASH catch a lot of people's eyes.

Jake: will OneMoreDASH help [GetMeOffTheMoon]?

ゆ: Because Amunshen contacts the manager of OneMoreDASH well, I think that speaking with her is the best option. The manager of OneMoreDASH however is apathetic toward English speakers, and doesn't participate in GetMeoffTheMoon. I think that he is negligent if he only believes domestic support matters

Jake: How do we appeal to him?

ゆ: There is no fundamental solution because he doesn't want to register on Facebook with his real name.

Jake: Real name registration is not necessary.

ゆ: Yes, I am writing that in the Facebook explanation for the Japan-U.S. development room at However, the greater part of the Japanese fans have misunderstood it.

Jake: If Roll's Wrap-up asks 人 to follow One_More_DASH, will that help?

ゆ: It might be effective.

Jake: Are DASH fans " antismoking [shite] as for English " like OneMoreDASH?

ゆ: Basically, there are many who are resistant to English culture.

Jake: I understand. Do average DASH fans share the same belief?

ゆ: There are 1700 members of OneMoreDASH now. It is not a lot, considering the development room in Japan was more than 10000. It is thought that it is about 400~500 people that participate even if a lot of them are from GetMeOffTheMoon.

Jake: Why is the number so low? What can we do to reach out?

ゆ: Regretfully, many of the Japanese fans have already given up.

Jake: In your opinion, can anything change this?

ゆ: Advertising the JP-NAdevroom is necessary to recover their morale.

Jake: if our video is good, will it help?

ゆ: It is important to raise awareness for from the video now. A lot of people in Japan do not know about the 42000 person gathering in Facebook. It is sure to be connected with the best great result to know our site.

"Yes fellow MML3 fans, One_More_DASH does not support us yet. We need his help to advertise our cause in Japan! I understand that there is a language barrier, but please follow One_More_DASH on twitter to get him on our side! That is the first step towards teaming up with the Japanese fanbase. The second step is to promote the Japanese subtitled version of Waiting for Legends 3 on Nico Nico by tweeting this message on your twitter account:

@suzukaze_dash: 私たちは10年後の今も、ロックマンDASH3を待ち続けている (5:14) #nicovideo #sm15346699 #dash3 #rockman

"Please tweet this in Japanese. Here's what it means in English: @suzukaze_dash: 10 years of waiting for Legends 3 (5:14) #nicovideo #sm15346699 #dash3 #rockman

"The video includes promotional messages for, which links to 100,000 Strong.

"Now on to our International Strategies video. It is a worldwide request to Japan to help us on facebook and in the Devroom. We are working very hard on it (see the picture below)! As you can see, we fight together, for Mega Man Legends 3! We hope to release it within the next two days so please be on the lookout.

"We sincerely believe we can win this fight! Keep spreading the word and stay positive!"

You heard them folks. @One_More_Dash needs more support. If you're on Twitter, then count yourself among their followers . If the Japanese see that we're involved and that we're serious, then they are more likely to come around. Making the above tweet will also help to promote our cause.

You can also keep an eye on the International Strategies YouTube Channel where Dashe's video has already been translated into Spanish and Maltese.

In other news, I'm sure most of you are aware that now, as of August 19, 2011, the Japan Devroom is now closed. However, thanks to a few fans, we can hope that its contents haven't been lost forever. Check out this thread in the Western Devroom for the continued effort to archive and this comprehensive set of downloads if you would like any of the saved assets from the Japan Devroom.

The Western Devroom is still open, although we don't know how much longer this will be the case. Several people have made the suggestion of possibly getting the Japanese Servbots to join our Devroom now that theirs is gone, but the effort will be wasted unless we follow the strategies that our international team has put forth. Furthermore, our own local effort shouldn't stop. If you have not already joined the Devroom and registered a Servbot number, please do so! If you know anyone else who hasn't registered a number either, then please tell them to get one as well. This is our best shot at accomplishing our goal, so we need to keep at it! Also don't forget about the Capcom-Unity petition and the general Mega Man Legends group. Becoming part of these can greatly help as well.

Before I go, I would just like to leave all of you with the following image that shows exactly how international this movement has become. All we need to do now is show our friends in Japan that we're all fighting for the same thing. While the phrase Legends Never Die has little meaning in a land that calls the series Rockman DASH, we can still show them our determination because we're all fighting for the same thing, no matter the language.