Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roll's Wrap-up 8/19-21: The Compendium of Twofold Mysteries

Today, Matt is presenting to you a very special edition of Roll's Wrap-up. The Legends 3 revival effort has been shaken up quite a bit today by a mysterious post on Capcom-Unity by someone known only as "Roll." For those who don't feel like following the link, here's the post below:

"Hi guys! I have an announcement to make.

Last Monday, I just had a discussion with the CAPCOM Staffs here about MML3, they say they "might" be selling out Megaman Legends : Prototype Ver. in Nintendo 3DS eshop. You can have it for just $2 USD, or 200 Yen.

I got the game in my Nintendo 3DS already, because I am a member after all. By the way, is MML3: Prototype Ver. really gonna come on Nintendo eshop? Drop your comment below & let me know what you think! Over~!!"

The biggest question on everyone's minds is, of course, whether or not this post is real. The simple answer is that there is really no way to tell, but allow me to point a few things out. First of all, this account was most like NOT just created recently for the purpose of trolling. I say this because of 285 Lifetime Points registered to the account. Such a number would not have been gathered in just a few hours or days. However the account was created in 2011, according to its profile. Furthermore someone able to talk to Capcom employees personally enough to acquire the prototype would likely have become a member much sooner. With these observations in mind, we can draw one of two conclusions:

1. It's fake, likely a Unity member who altered his/her name and profile.

2. It's real, likely a Capcom employee using a dummy account.

My logic here is by no means flawless, but this is my best attempt to make sense of this strange turn of events. The best thing that I can advise is to take the news with a tremendous grain of salt.

This news is not the only mystery that we have encountered, however. Today, Mikael, a member of our Facebook page, posted this both on our wall and on Capcom-Unity (I have been unable to locate the Unity thread, if anyone can provide it, that would be appreciated):

" Post by me rising an objection to Legends not being able to be distributed digitally.

Accompanying music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgu_E0-5jyU



Do I really have to post on this issue again?

The redistribution issue due to liscensing can only be ruled down to one of two things...

Either A. Capcom is lying to us.

or B. Capcom has done something illegal/irresponsible.

Now I know what you're thinking...

These are bold accusations.

What evidence do I have to prove this claim?

Are you aware that Mega Man Legends has been available for PC for the longest time? You probably did. Did you know the game has also been available for Downloadable distribution for the longest time?

Here is my first piece of evidence.


As you can see, nothing big. It's just a free trial. It doesn't seem you can purchase it from the looks of it. However the game here has comments from at least as early as 2007. Now this was around the time that Capcom's "port claim" started cracking only ever so slightly. Seeing as how they made port collection, Nippon Ichi pretty much brought over Disgaea with little new content, and Gurumin came in which was a complete direct PC port. Now, I'm not sure what their arguement was at the time but I know people were starting to talk about PSClassic ports, and the question of digital distribution came up.

Okay, so what about now? Surely maybe the rights just ran out a while ago? Capcom makes it seem like this happened a few years back and they just forgot to keep tabs on something. Yet they're buddy buddy enough to keep up with Tron's VA? That should have been the next red flag.

Back on the topic of Downloadable distribution... the whole problem surfaced this year around 2 days after THIS THREAD


popped up with THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.


Now, Quite a few people who were paying attention know it was available for Digital distribution for a while and well into this year, but since it's not available on Gamestop, it kinda makes us look like a bunch of monkeys throwing around proverbial accusations on instances we can only fully confirm with a complete instance of the wayback machine.

However a good Doctor of mine, who always knows his PC games, provided a link to the kicker here.


This game is still available...

For download distribution sale...

For who knows how many years...

And Capcom has not been sued ONCE.

Can we please get some real answers for once? The more I look into it the less it makes sense. Are you trying to cover your bases or are you just too lazy to look into it or do you just not want to rewrap up a game a lot of people want to play?"

While this news has nothing to do with Legends 3, it does bring to light a colossal mystery with regard to Capcom's reasoning for not re-releasing Legends 1 and 2 on PSN. In short, we have all too many unanswered questions

Now that these mysteries are out of the way, remember the continued efforts of the International Servbot Collaboration. Remember that you don't need to be an artist to participate. Furthermore, if you're on Twitter, remember to follow One_More_Dash to show our Japanese allies that we mean business.

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Legends Never Die, but they are often shrouded in mystery.