Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roll's Wrap-Up 8/22-24: Bringing Our Support Together

Matt here. Okay, so we still have a significant elephant in the room, which, of course, is the strange Capcom-Unity post mentioned in the last wrap-up . The post and the user account that posted it have since been removed. With all this in mind, we should just forget about this anomaly. We have very little reliable evidence about the post's integrity, and the matter is not worth pursuing, unless something more concrete were to surface.

Instead, I turn you over to our International Strategies team, who offer us some more useful information:

o There is good news to report out of International Strategies! We have made contact with the administrator of One_More_Dash and we are collaborating with him to raise the morale of the Japanese fanbase. Our defined end goal is to team up with the entire Japanese fanbase on Facebook and in the North American Devroom!

o I would like to take a moment to thank all those who have assisted us in our communications to Japan thus far. I personally guarantee you that our efforts are making a difference! I would also like to report that the International Team is nearing completion on some high priority projects. We have recently released a commerical on youtube highlighting our main event tomorrow. Rest assured that this fight is not over until Capcom of Japan says its over (which they have not!). Thank you all for your continued support and from all those at international strategies we promise to continue the good fight to save our hero!!!

Our union with the Japanese fanbase seems to be coming along nicely. Remember to follow One_More_Dash on Twitter.

On a slightly unrelated note, one of our members recently sent a suggestion to rockvolnutt@ymail.com (which you are all invited to contact) that would show support in a more concrete manner:

Buy as much Megaman merch that we can from Capcom's own online store.


There's also the budget dual-pack release of the PSP games coming out soon, which I'm sure you guys are aware of. Also, there's digital downloads, which are nice, but I think the more stuff we buy from them directly will help more.

Also, I wanted to say it'd also be great to try and buy Rockman swag from Capcom Japan, but I'm guessing they don't ship internationally; I tried registering and was hit with needing a local zipcode. If there's a way though, you guys could try and find out a way over the language barrier. Here's the link, just for convenience.


If not, we could always try to nab up as many of these as we can!


This is only a suggestion, and spending money is a definite way to show support, but understandably, some of us are a little bit unwilling to shell out cash on items other than the game that we're trying to revive, especially in tough economic times. Still, the idea bears mentioning.

Remember, we still need more Servbots! Also, don't forget to join the general Mega Man and Mega Man Legends groups and sign the Capcom-Unity Petition. Lastly, don't forget about the International Servbot Collaboration project.

Regardless of all else, we all, worldwide, need to keep showing our support. Legends Never Die.